Privacy Policy

1. What is a privacy policy?

    A privacy policy refers to the set of terms and conditions that together protects the secrecy of the information pertaining to the customer as well as the seller.  The usage of the information of the platform user by M/s Bengal Looms India shall be subject to the privacy policies as well.  We are not entitled to use the valuable information belonging to the customer in any way other than those specified under the privacy norms.

    2.Why do we implement a privacy policy?

      Our privacy policy has allegiance to the followings:

      • Section 43A of the Information Technology Act, 2000
      • Regulation 4 of the Information Technology(Reasonable Security and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information)
      • Regulation 3 (1) of the Information Technology(Intermediaries Guideline) Rules, 2011
      • This Privacy Policy defines the nature of information collected from the users, inclusive of the nature of the sensitive personal data or information, the purpose, means and modes of usage of such information and how and to whom M/s Bengal Looms India shall reveal such information.
      3.Defining sensitive personal data

        As per the SPI Rule, any sensitive personal data or information regarding any individual refers to the

        • Passwords
        • Financial data like bank accounts, credit, and debit card details or other payment instrument details
        • Sexual orientation of an individual
        • Mental, physical and health condition of an individual
        • Medical records
        • Biometric information
        • Information related to the identity of an individual such as telephone number, E-mail address etc.

        However the information that is available in any public domain or is accessible under Right to Information Act (RTI), 2005 shall not be deemed a sensitive personal data.

        4.The user’s note

        • The use of and the access to the platform and the services offered by M/s Bengal Looms India shall be subject to the acceptance of the terms and policies laid under the privacy policy section of M/s Bengal Looms India. If any customer disagrees with the existing policies, he or she is requested to not to access the platform or the services by any means.
        • While browsing the platform, the user is not required to provide any personal information unless and until he/she decides to sign up for availing any service from M/s Bengal Looms India’s end. All the information provided by the user is considered to be voluntary. The user has every right to withdraw his/her consent regarding usage of the information given at any point of time. However, the user must be cautious enough while giving any information related to himself/herself/ or any family member of him/her.
        • Any user can access, change, rectify or remove any information that he/she has given to M/s Bengal Looms India while registering as a user.
        • For the purchase of products, any customer might use his/her debit card, credit card, net banking or bank transfers that in turn might require the user to disclose certain information related to the bank accounts and beyond to the third party payment gateway of M/s Bengal Looms India. We ensure that all of this information is used only for payment processing procedures.
        • M/s Bengal Looms India shall hold the right to update the database with latest information of any customer at any point of time without asking for further consent for the following reasons
            • To meet the customer demand in a better way
            • To provide an uninterrupted service
            • To resolve the technical issues and troubleshoot problems
            • To keep the users appraised of Bengal Looms India ’s promotional offers
            • To meet the legal and regulatory requirements
          5.Management of Cookies

            Temporary cookies are used to store data on the platform. However, the personally identifiable data is never stored in the cookies. Cookies generally accommodate statistical and intelligence data that are not personally identifiable and can be used by the third party and for technical administration of the platform, research & development etc. If any user disables or deletes the cookies by reorganising the web browser, access and movement across the platform might be restricted to a certain extent. Closure of the web browser generally deletes all the temporary cookies. However, M/s Bengal Looms India will suggest the user make use of their “Clear Cookie” functionality to ensure deletion of cookies.

            6.Control over the other website links

              M/s Bengal Looms India provides for other website links on their platform sometimes for a better understanding of things. Hence, there is a possibility that your system gets the cookies of other websites as well for which M/s Bengal Looms India shall not be responsible by any means. The inclusion or exclusion of any alien website is not a part of endorsement or promotion from Bengal Looms India’s end. The quality, integrity, and accuracy of information, images, graphics, videos, software, photographs, advertisements, messages are at sole discretion of that website and M/s Bengal Looms India is not liable to any of these.

              7.A note to the visitors

              • If someone is just visiting the website, no information related to the financial or personal credential would be gathered from M/s Bengal Looms India. However, the visitor also needs to understand the terms and policies laid herein.
              • If any visitor has provided any financial or personal information to the platform on his/her own will or has signed up with duly filled in information page, the visitor will no longer be treated as just a visitor and the privacy policy will be applicable consequently.

                If you are accessing the website from outside of India, it is your responsibility to check that no legal violations are made through such access as per the law of the country from where you are attempting an access.

                     8. At M/s Bengal Looms India, we understand your concerns and for any inquiries related to the privacy policies reach out to us at .