About Us

We are a three generation family run manufacturer and online retail store of handloom sarees. We started Bengal Looms India website as an online destination for Pure Handloom Banarasi Sarees ,Tussar Silk, Khadi Silk and Cotton Sarees at a reasonable price.

We source all our products, different kinds of yarns and materials from small weavers and and manufacturers.Traditionally our primary market has been Kolkata but realised that the sheer elegance of the six yards has great potential for global reach and hence we are making it accessible across states, countries and continents. 

The primary source of inspiration behind each of our products is the art and our love for these beautiful weaves. The modern sari has now evolved in various forms however the artisans are still lesser known. With every sari you see on Bengal Looms India, there is an artisan telling you the story of a weave. 

From yarn to fabric to accessories, we would like to bring everything to you that makes an ethnic ensemble perfect.

Thank you for being a part of the Bengal Looms saga !